Difference between DoS and DDoS

The terms DoS and DDoS are the part of the same unethical glossary. They are somewhat interrelated but they also have their own identify on internet. Let us try to learn about each of them with help of this article.  To know more about internet security, contact SRS Networks.

DoS – DoS stands for Denial of Service. This can work either online or offline, but the term is mainly used in context with online denial of service. As is clear from its meaning, if a user is denied to access a service for whatever reason, then it will be termed as DoS.

This too can have two facets. The one is the necessary denial, which means that the user is denied from accessing the service due to rightful reason. For example, if you are using a website’s membership on trial basis and the trail period is over and as per the terms of the site, if you did like to use its service then you have to go premium or pay a certain amount. If you try to use the same account without doing the needful, then you will get a message which will read that you can’t access the service because you do not have the required privileges to do so.

In above case, the website itself has made such a denial because of obvious reason. But imagine, if you upgrade your membership on that website and you still are not able to use the website, because it is down and whenever you try to access it, you get a message which reads something like ‘website is unavailable’ or ‘server is not available at the moment’, then it can be possible that the website is under maintenance and it can also be possible that it has been forced to shut down.

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Why Cloud Hosting is Getting So Popular With Everyone?

If you did like to start an online venture, then the firs thing that you will need will be a website and a web hosting. You would obviously like to start things well and hence, will like to choose the best possible hosting for your business. As your online reputation will largely depend on your website and you will like it to be online all time and would also like it to perform at its best, therefore in order to achieve this performance from your website, you will have to host in on a good hosting. If you are new to this field then you will have lots of options to make selection for yourself and you can have a look at all of them and then make the final choice as per your description.

Among different hosting options available for you, the latest and the most popular web hosting that you can have for your business is cloud hosting. When you select cloud hosting, you get associated with one of the best hosting around and you are likely to get best performance on your websites. For further details, contact SRS Networks.

Why is Cloud hosting so Popular? There are many reasons that make cloud hosting the favorite choice of customers. As a customer or webmaster, no one likes to limit his resources and always dreams that there is no limit to be put on his web resources.

He also understands that if he has to get that kind of liberty, he has to select something like a dedicated hosting, which is a costly affair. As the cost of dedicated hosting is not within reach of everyone, one is left with no other option but to stick to the shared hosting, which has got limited use of resources and is often slow and less efficient.

An Introduction to Cloud Hosting

Technology is improving with time and World Wide Web is one of the platforms, where its influence is more evident. Web hosting too has gone through various changes with time and the most noticeable amongst them has been the introduction of cloud hosting. For those who are not aware about it, here is some useful information regarding cloud hosting:

What is it all about?

Cloud hosting was introduced a few years back and it took web hosting world by storm. The concept of cloud hosting is based on global sharing of the best hosting resources. Using cloud hosting allows the user to have unrestricted use of hosting resources and he only pays for the part that is consumed by him and not what is available for being used.

Cloud hosting is a kind of mix of shared hosting and dedicated hosting; the thing that works for it is that it takes the best part of either of them. You get advantages of dedicated hosting but you pay like you are using a shared hosting. The quality of cloud hosting is of top notch as well and all these features collectively make it the first choice of all the webmasters. It is called cloud hosting because of the definiteness of resources that it makes available for its users and because of its mobility. 

Why it has become so popular?

As stated above, it has everything working for its favor. It is like getting the best service and paying peanuts for it. When one gets cloud hosting, he is assured of top quality hosting which will give him  complete freedom in deciding what he would like to use and what he won’t and he only pays for what he do use. It’s like ordering the complete menu and tasting everything but pay for only the food which you finally decide to eat. For more information, contact SRS Networks.